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Yogurt Frosting For Dogs

yogurt frosting for dogs

Yogurt frosting for dogs. Or, yoghurt frosting. Same product no matter which English you speak.

The beautiful dog birthday cake featured above baked by The 12 Paws Barkery is decorated with Fido's Frosting, which will be discussed below.

No doubt you've seen ads for it across the internet. In fact, there even be one from Google on this very page.

Before you jump to buy, first take a few moments and become familiar with what types of products actually refer to themselves as "yogurt frosting".

For the longest time, bakers have been using what are known as "yogurt coating chips" to create yogurt icings on cakes, cookies, etc.

These chips primarily contain fat and sugar. There may be some yogurt in them so that they can honestly be advertised as such. But keep in mind that they are mostly fat and sugar. Because of the high fat content, the chips must be melted first, then spread over the cake while in the melted state.

This icing must be kept refrigerated. Bakeries using this type of icing probably will not ship their products and if they deliver, it will only be to the immediate neighborhood. They can't take the chance that the icing will melt from sitting in a hot truck or from the heat outside on a warm day. Remember - the icing's main constituent is fat and when fat heats up it melts.

We receive questions from home bakers who want to use yogurt from the dairy case to make dog treat frosting. This product was bought from a refrigerated case, so it only follows that it will need continued refrigeration not to spoil. Some people indicate that they just plan to stir yogurt in to a recipe from scratch. That's a lot of trouble for one thing. Secondly, keep in mind that some dogs may be highly lactose intolerant and grocery store yogurt often contains milk.

There is another option that we highly recommend. When we first started this website, this option hadn't been created yet. But since it hit the market, we only have the highest praise for Fido's Frosting. This yogurt frosting was created as a solution to the problems mentioned above. It comes in a dog treat frosting that dries hard with a matte finish or a yogurt royal icing dog treat icing that dries hard and shiny.

Fido's Frosting has no fat, no sugar and is made from all natural yogurt. It comes in a powder form, so you can keep it in the bag on a shelf until you need to use it. When you need it, you only stir in a little bit of water. You do not have to think about what else to add or not add.

This yoghurt dog treat icing will dry hard and does not need refrigeration. That's why so many dog bakeries today are using it. They can ship their treats anywhere at any time of the year.

Fido's Frosting is the best dog treat icing to hit the market. Since that time, competitors have tried to copy it. We trust the company behind Fido's Frosting and can guarantee a great product. Our dog treat icing expert recommends it highly.

When competitors find a product that is doing well, they jump into the pool and try to copy it. That's just the nature of business. Find out if they stand behind their products. Do a little research and ask questions before you spend your hard-earned money. 

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