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Silicone Cake Pans

Silicone cake pans provide ease and efficiency when making dog treats. Anyone who has trouble due to arthritis or muscle pain will especially want to take note as these pans make it easy.

The silicone baking pans come in various shapes and sizes. The online dog bakery supplies company,, has created unique and original silicone pans that are widely used and must-have staples for dog bakery business use.

The most popular silicone cake pan, the dog bone cake pan, is featured with an entire webpage devoted to it. It comes in several sizes. You can see the various pans here: dog bone cake pan. Anyone who plans to start a dog bakery business will want to avail themselves of at least one of these pans.

Advantages of silicone cake pans

  • No rusting
  • The material will not scratch
  • Easy to clean - just throw into dishwasher
  • Versatile - can be used in conventional oven, microwave, and/or freezer
  • Some of the designs we will show you eliminate the need for rolling out dog treats and cutting with cookie cutters which takes time, effort, and a toll on sore joints

Popular silicone baking pans for dog treats - paw print cakes

This silicone baking pan has 6 paw print wells. It is a good choice if you would like to make small dog cakes, especially if a dog is too small for a dog bone cake or you would like to create individual dog treats for each guest at a dog party.

silicone cake pans

The top two paw shape cakes were made in this baking pan. The toes lend themselves very well for painting with Magifrost dog cake frosting.

The silicone pan shown above will yield 15 small paw print shaped cakes or biscuits that are two inches in size. This pan is a perfect choice to use when you have a large order of dog treats to fulfill. The wells are deep enough so that you can either choose to make a bite-size cake or a dog biscuit. The toes will come out with noticeable impressions and you can color them any color you desire with Fido's Frosting brand dog cake frosting or dog treat icing.

The silicone pan shown above yields 15 smaller paw print shapes that are 1.5 inches in size like these in the image below.

silicone cake pans

The treats or mini dog cakes you can make with this pan are perfect for the small dog breeds that would not be able to handle a larger size treat. This pan is very popular and dog owners love the paw shaped treats that it makes.

Unique silicone baking pans for dog treats

Click here: silicone baking pans - to find unique designs that are fun to make and decorate

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