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Royal Icing for Dog Treats and Dog Biscuits

A question we are asked frequently is: can royal icing be used for dog treats?

The answer is: of course...BUT!!!

You can use the icing that human cake bakers work wonders with, but it is not recommended if you are planning to decorate dog treats, homemade dog biscuits or dog cakes.

That's because the human version is basically sugar. Beaten egg whites are combined with powdered sugar and the mixture dries hard and smooth, allowing wedding cake decorators and other cake bakers to create gorgeous cakes.

You probably don't want to give your dog all that sugar.

Fortunately a new all natural yogurt based icing has been introduced on the market designed specifically for dogs. It is produced by This company designs bakery products just for dogs. Its icing products have no sugar and no fat.

This particular yogurt icing for dogs is designed to flow easier than the regular dog treat icing and is typically used to create intricate and detailed designs.

It will dry hard and will not crack. Because it has no fat, it does not need to be refrigerated like regular cake icing. You can rest assured that your cake or cookies will not spoil if you leave them sitting out.

If you want to ship a dog cake or dog cookies, you can use this dog cake icing and not worry about your package sitting in a hot delivery truck with the heat causing it to melt.

Although the icing won't have much taste to a human due to having no sugar, dogs go crazy over it! There's something that their incredible sensitive sense of smell detects that we can't be part of.

You can dip dog biscuits and coat them, creating a smooth, hard finish when dry. Or use it for piping with a basic cake decorating frosting bag and metal or plastic frosting tip.

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