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Peanut Butter Icing Recipe

Make your own peanut butter icing recipe.

Peanut butter icing recipe

You can make peanut butter flavored dog treat icing or dog cake frosting.

The professional bakers choose to use powdered peanut flavoring. It will mix in well and is made of pure peanuts. It will have no added sugar or other additives.

However, for home use, you are likely not going to be making professional size batches of icing.

Peanut Butter Icing Recipe

Simply add 2 tablespoons of commercial peanut butter to 1 cup of Magifrost dog treat icing or dog cake frosting mix.

Stir it in. If you want a more pronounced peanut butter flavor or smell, mix in more, but keep in mind that the more you add, the more you will change the consistency of the icing and you may have to adapt for that.

Commercial peanut butter, especially the ones the kids enjoy eating, have added sugar. Keep this in mind when you are baking for dogs. The amount of sugar in two tablespoons will be minimal however.

Also, keep in mind that you yourself may not smell the peanut butter or taste it, but your dog has a heightened sense of smell and will definitely know it is present! If your dog loves peanut butter, he will sniff the icing out. You do not have to saturate it like you might for your own peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The commercial natural peanut butter brands have no added sugar. The oil tends to separate in the jar. Make sure to mix the peanut butter very well or you won't be adding enough flavor if you choose to use the natural brands.

Peanut butter icing color

By adding peanut butter, expect the icing color to change as well.

Peanut butter icing for dogs

As you can see, the icing takes on a peanut buttery color! That's one way to differentiate the peanut butter flavored treats from other flavors - "color" code the icing.

We recommend sticking with the smooth peanut butter. Crunchy peanut butter has bits of peanuts. Dogs could possibly choke on a nut if it gets stuck. That's why small nuts are not recommended to be included in recipe for dog treats.

These peanut butter dog treats were not iced. The reason we show you these is because they are both peanut butter and carob flavored. This is a popular combination.

Try mixing melted carob chips with the peanut butter into your dog treat icing for another great flavor that dogs will enjoy.

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