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Fidos Frosting
All Natural Dog Treat Frosting

dog birthday cake with fidos frosting

What is Fidos Frosting?

It is an all natural yogurt dog treat frosting. Fidos brand Royal Icing for Dogs is used by dog bakeries as a healthy alternative and dog safe dog treat icing.

Zeusy is enjoying a dog birthday cake decorated with Fido's Frosting in the photo above!

Fido's Frosting was developed by the dog bakery supplies company, The great thing about this dog icing is that it has no sugar, no fat, and will dry hard, giving a nice, smooth finish to homemade dog treats, biscuits, or dog cakes.

It doesn't melt in the heat because there is no sugar or fat, so you can actually serve dog treats outside at a dog party in the summer!

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This dog frosting comes in different flavors, or just plain white yogurt based. It won't have much of a taste to the human palate because of the absence of sugar, but dogs enjoy it and can smell it through the package, so make sure you store it out of reach!

The basic color is white. If you are looking for a white finish to your homemade dog biscuits, just mix up the frosting with the specified amount of water, stir, and frost. If you would like to add color, icing coloring powders or gels will transform it into a beautiful and colorful covering for dog treats.

It is very simple to use. Just add water and stir.

The icing will start to harden if left out in the open, so be sure to keep it air-tight while using it. If it does get too hard, just add drops of water slowly to return it to the consistency you desire.

You will need to use a thin icing to spread over a cake, or to dip dog treats right into it. Thicker icing is better for making designs like borders or stars, or shells.

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