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Dog Treats Recipe Questions and Answers

Dog treats recipe questions?

Dog treat icing is a whole industry of itself.

A cake icing you would use for a dog cake differs from what you would use for a human cake.

We are fortunate to have experts available who can answer all the questions or concerns our readers may have. Our experts are knowledgeable and experienced in areas such as pet nutrition, baking, the pet industry business, starting a dog bakery business, dog treat icing, packaging, and more.

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It is our mission to bring you the best, most reliable, and most up-to-date information on dog treat icing and how to use it for the best results. We want to help you make the best dog treats.

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My writing with Fido Frosting keep puddling 
Hi, I'm trying to write on a birthday cake with Fido Frosting, but the letters keep puddling. I have tried adding more frosting but the decorating bottle …

How to implemenrt an inventory control  
How to set up an inventory control system. We are not too savvy with IT. We are ready to launch our business and have completed the required paperwork. …

Refrigerating dog treats. 
There was a general question about this but mine is specific. I am making baked dog treats with peanut butter, banana, coconut flour, and carob chips. …

Coloring the yogurt with dark colors like black 
I use this ping block of yogurt for the icing of the treats. We then color it with a gel paste but if we use dark colors mainly black it seizes and is …

Icing large number of biscuits 
I am planning to use the icing mix to drizzle on about 3000 pumpkin purée based biscuits I am baking and freezing as I get them done . (Half done). Huge …

Can you use all of the preservatives at once in each great recipe to give it a longer shelve life?

ingredient source 
Are any of the ingredients in Magifrost dog treat icing from China? What are the sources of the ingredients? Thank you!

Hi I was wondering if I'm making a cake for my dog that includes flour, would flour be a bad thing for a dog to eat?

My dog eats poo 
Is there anything i can give my 5 month old Shih Tzu to stop her eating poo : ( Thanks Sandra

Dog cakes and freezing 
Have you ever frozen prebaked, unfrosted cakes and cupcakes? I am wondering if they freeze and thaw well.

Silicone moulds 
How do I purchase some silicone moulds and how much will be the cost to ship to Malta? Thanks, Sam

Preserving dog treats! 
Hi, I was wondering what ingredients or how to make dog treats have a longer shelf life so I can sell to customers? Thank you, Jane

Is the dog cake mix edible for humans 
Is the dog cake mix edible for humans?

Chocolate and dog cupcakes 
Can you put real chocolate in doggie cupcakes? Yes or NO Why or Why Not? Please answer all of my Questions. Thank You :)

Meat and Peanut Butter 
Is there a dog recipe with flavors of meat and Peanut Butter?

Grain free? 
Does anyone have a recipe for a grain free dog cookie? I am trying different flours, but not having much luck. I hate to keep buying all these different …

Icing coloring 
Hi, Wondering if it has to be special food coloring for decorating dog cakes? Can it be the food coloring bought at the supermarket? Thanks! Edna …

Wheat free low fat recipe for dogs 
HI I love your website! Do you have any recipes for wheat free/low fat making biscuits please? I have a few customers that have dogs that are on special …

Dehydrated chicken breast strips 
After I dehydrate chicken breast strips, I bake them for an hour. Do I need to refrigerate them afterwards? Or does that just add moisture back into the …

Where to order dog cake 
I wanted to order one? Can I order a dog cake made? Prices?

Preserving dog treats 
Hi I make dog treats to sell, but the one issue I have is longevity of the product once ready to sell. I do not currently add in artificial preservatives …

Frosting Recipe 
I'm looking to make my own dog cup cakes, I've tried peanut butter (home made) but ideally I'd like to make the cup cakes in bulk and I was having to use …

Fidos drying time 
Does the dog icing dry quickly? Will it harden?

Sugar free frosting 
Do you have to keep all sugar away from dogs? Is it ok if I use a recipe that has some sugar?

Drop cookie recipes 
Do you have any drop cookie recipes you can share?

make your own dog treats 
how many packages of dog treat mix do i need

fidos frosting1 
Do you still make fidos frosting

Dog treat information 
Can I use white chocolate in dog treats?

Dog biscuit frosting 
Is Magifrost dog treat icing gluten free?

Sugar free icing  
Can I give my dog sugar free cake icing?

Making dog biscuits 
I am using the K9 Katie biscuit mix to make dog biscuits. Can I just add peanut butter is I want to make that flavor? Do I have to adjust other ingredients? …

Peanut butter dog treats recipe 
I'm looking for a recipe for peanut butter dog treats. Thank you.

Dog birthday cake recipes 
Do you have any dog birthday cake recipes that are easy?

icing cracking 
I used yogurt for a cake icing for my dog. I put the cake in the freezer so that the icing would harden but then I took it out and it cracked and started …

cake pan dog bone 
what sizes do they come in

100 all natural products for your dog 
Do you know where these are?

vegan icing for dogs 
Do you know where I can get vegan dog icing?

Icing recipes 
Can I mix in peanut butter in the Magifrost for a peanut butter dog icing? How much should I use? Can I use other flavors too? What are some popular flavors? …

Shipable hard frosting 
What's the best frosting to use that will harden so I can ship dog treats?

Fireman birthday party 
My son is fascinated with firemen and I am planning a fireman party for his 6th birthday. You used to sell fire hydrant cake pans. I don't see those on …

uk suppliers of fidos frosting 
Can you send me a list of uk suppliers for the frosting?

Dog treat icing coating chips 
Where can I find these? Do you recommend them?

Fidos Frosting where to buy wholesale in the uk 
Where can I buy Fido's Frosting wholesale? I live in the United Kingdom.

Dog bone cookie cutters 
Where can I get a set of cookie cutters that are in the shape of a dog bone?

Drop cookies 
Do you have any recipes for drop cookies? I don't have time to roll out and cut dog biscuits so I'm looking for some quick recipes that I can just drop …

Cream Cheese Icing Recipes 
There are a lot of cream cheese icing recipes that people are recommending. All you need is to buy cream cheese from the store. That sounds like an economical …

Dog treat icing UK 
Do you ship to the UK? I want to make a special birthday cake for my mother's dog who will be turning 16 this year.

Gluten free dog treats 
I am making dog treats that have to be gluten free. Is there a dog treat icing I can use that is also gluten free?

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Chocolate for dogs? 
Please tell me it's true. My friend's sister had a birthday party for her labradoodle and served the dog a big piece of what looked like chocolate cake. …

Dog treat icing recipes 
I have tried some of the various dog treat icing recipes I have found on the internet. I am not thrilled about using ingredients that I have to keep refrigerated. …

yogurt powder 
do i have to use yogurt powder? can i just use yogurt from the market for cake icing?

i want to make my own dog treat icing 
How do i make dog treat icing that hardens?

Dog quotes 
Where can I find some good quotes about dogs?

dog names 
Do you have any suggestions for a dog name? I'm going to adopt two puppies one girl and one boy.

fidos frosting uk 
I would like to carry fidos frosting in the uk. Can i buy it from you?

yogurt royal icing 
Can i use dannon's to make a yogurt royal icing for my dog's birthday cake? She is going to be 6 and i want to have a party. What's the best flavor?

Royal icing 
Is there a royal icing for dogs? Where can I get it?

dog holiday treats 
I used K9katie biscuit mix and the magifrost. i made dog holiday treat cookies for Christmas. They turned out really good, I sent them in a package to …

Dogs and chocolate 
Can dogs have chocolate? I was standing behind someone in line at the grocery store and she was buying a chocolate cake for her dog's birthday. I said …

Dog Treat Icing_Coating Chips 
I have been using coating chips for my cake icing but the icing falls off. What am I doing wrong?

making sure the icing sticks 
Hi there! Love your site!... I have been making dog treats for a few years now, I want to add icing for a more finished look. I have used the "chips"... …

gluten free treats 
i need a gluten free icing. can i use magifrost?

Allergy free dog treats 
What ingredients are in allergy free treats?

All natural 
I need to know if I can put sugar in an all natural dog treat recipe?

Sweet potato dog treats 
My dog can't have any grains. I read somewhere that you can just put sweet potatoes in the oven and let them dry out. Would these be grain free?

Pumpkin dog treats 
I want to make pumpkin dog treats. Can I use the pumpkin pie filling like I would if I were to make a pie? Also can I use cinnamon for dogs?

Homemade icing 
Is there a recipe for homemade icing? I have tried putting cream cheese on treats but I'm afraid to leave it out.

Dog treat frosting 
How is this different from dog treat icing?

Special dog treat icing 
how can I make an icing that hardens that doesn't have wheat, gluten, or dairy in it for a dog with allergies?

Refrigerated dog treats 
Are there any dog treat icing recipes that don't need to be kept in the fridge?

royal icing for dogs 
I need a recipe to make my own. Can you help?

Perros y dog treat icing 
Como puedo conseguirlo para que me lo manden a españa, quiero montar una dog bakery no no se como conseguir el icing deseado, el envio lo unico que me …

Como puedo conseguirlo para que me lo manden a españa, quiero montar una dog bakery no no se como conseguir el icing deseado, el envio lo unico que me …

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fondant icing 
Hi, Im a baker in the uk and I am branching out into making cakes for dogs. I want to be able to recreate some of what I would do on a cake for human …

My dogs first bday 
I wasn't able to add a ful cup of penut butter it's my lil bears first bday and I wanna make it special becuase it's also for his brother philly and his …

How can I do a fondant for dogs? 
I want to do a fondant icing for dogs. Do you have a recepe? Thanks Naty

Yogurt icing  
Is there a way to make a yogurt dip that hardens and doesn't need to be refrigerated? If not yogurt, could I use a yogurt powder or carob powder? I feel …

Can I use parowax in iceing for the dogs? This is used for canning and preserves and candle making

Recipes for frosting for dog treats using carob powder that will harden 
I need to find a recipe that uses carob powder to make frosting to be used on dog treats. The frosting needs to harden rather quickly and also not melt. …

dog treat icing  
Are there any dog treat icing recipes that don't need to be kept in the fridge?

Food Coloring 
Is it bad for dogs to use food coloring in dog treat icing?

Hard Homemade Frosting 
Hello! I have an online dog treat business and was wondering if there is a way to make dog icing that hardens and does not need refrigeration? I can't …

Fidos icing 
Hi do fidos icing supply non dairy icing?? Also where can I find this in the uk? Thanks, holly

Whole Wheat Flour vs. Unbleached Flour 
Can I use unbleached flour to make dog treats/cakes? I have been searching for recipes and some call for whole wheat, while others say unbleached. Will …

fondant for dogs 
I would like a recipe for fondant for my dog's birthday cake. Do you have one?

Hard Frosting To Ship Dog Cakes 
We have an online dog treat business, and were wondering if there is any way to make healthy dog frosting for our treats that will harden and keep good …

Vegan Icing 
Hi, I would love to try your frosting but I am trying to make Vegan treats. Do you offer a Vegan option? If not would you have any suggestions on how I …

Frosting and icing 
What is the difference between frosting and icing?

Organic dry icing 
Hi, I want to make some organic pet treat with a yogurt icing. I can't figure out how to make the icing harden. Any ideas or suggestions for making the …

Dog safe fondant? 
Is there such a thing as dog safe fondant? What does that mean?

Do yogurt chips dry completely? 
When I use yogurt chips to decorate my dog treats, the icing dries all the way. But then if I stack them, it gets gooey, especially on a hot day. Why does …

Do I have to refrigerate Fido's Frosting 
After I use the frosting on my treats, do I have to refrigerate them?

Leftover frosting 
How do I store the frosting once it is made up? I mixed up too much to use it all at once, so I put it in a bowl and covered it with tin foil. The frosting …

Bubbles in Icing 
Why do I get bubbles in the icing? How can I prevent this?

Human cake customers want cakes for dogs 
Hello, I specialize in human pastries and cakes and I am receiving plenty of calls to do the same for clients' dogs! Can I use candy melts? Will …

Dog Treats Got Soft Overnight 
I have recently started making homemade dog treats and am looking forward to placing my first order with you so I can be really creative!!! My question …

Icing Dog Cupcakes Help 
Hi there. I need to know how to make the best iced cupcakes for doggies, as I have a log cabin reserved in the next month to sell dog treats.. The council …

Can I use milk based baking wafers? 
I am wondering if I can use Merkens Baking Wafers to ice homemade dog treats? There is no chocolate listed in the ingredients.

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Cannolis for dogs 
I have been wanting to make dog cannolis but I need to know how to make a non-refrigerated filling. Please help! Thank you.

Cornstarch for dog treat icing 
I am looking for an icing recipe for dog biscuits that will look good, not crack, not melt in hot weather, have a good shelf life, and travel well. So …

My stubborn great dane 
Hi! My stubborn dogs need to take daily medicine and will not take it (I have tried everything!) Would it be ok to mix it in with homemade dog treat mix …

Dog Treat Icing 
I'm looking for an icing recipe to use on my dog treats that will harden and does not need to be refrigerated. I haven't been able to come up with anything. …

Dog treat icing 
Hi, I have been doing trials for dog biscuits and it is picking up pace wherein our clients have started ordering them. However, I wish to make it more …

Rosemary Oil 
My understanding is that Rosemary Oil helps with preventing oils go rancid. How much would be safe to use in dog treats? Thanks

Hi, I would like to start up a dog bakery business overseas and I would like to know about making dog treats' shelf life longer. From what I have …

Is white chocolate also bad for dogs? 
Is white chocolate also bad for dogs? (for icing)

Icing question 
Hello, I am just after some help regarding the icing for dog treats. I am icing dog biscuits with the yoghurt royal icing. I made one this morning and …

Keeping dog treats 
Are there any dog cookie recipes that you can make that will keep the way people cookies do without refrigeration? Louise Gallagher Thank you for …

Dog Chocolate Help 
Hello, Just want to say a massive thank you for putting this website together. It has been a great help for a beginner like me! I have learned a lot …

Yogurt frosting 
Can dogs eat yogurt frosting?

Sugar free icing recipe 
I melt sugar free candy and use it for icing. That my own recipe.

Fireman birthday party Not rated yet
My son wanted to have a fireman birthday party. I saw that someone else had the idea to use the K9Cakery cookie cutters in the shape of fire hydrants to …

Vet approved Not rated yet
Q: Have the recipes for the dog cakes and dog treats been reviewed by a vet to make sure the ingredients are suitable for the animal? I realize they are …

Make homemade mixes Not rated yet
How can I make my own mixes so I can make homemade dog treats and cupcakes for my dog? I want to make my own mixes from scratch. Dog Treat Icing Expert: …

Can humans eat the cake and biscuit mix? Not rated yet
Q: Can humans eat the cake and biscuit mix from A: Thank you for your question. All of's cake mixes for dogs are made …

Silicone cake pans Not rated yet
What is the cost for the 7x10 and the 10x13 bone shaped silicone cake moulds? Dog Treat Icing Expert's Response: Thank you for your question. The best …

homemade doggie treats Not rated yet
I just started making homemade doggie treats and I am having fun! I am looking into going to a farmer's market to see how I might like doing this as a …

frida1 Not rated yet
See Frida

Molding desserts Not rated yet
How can I stop molding?

Sucrose for dogs Not rated yet
Can dogs have sucrose?

Drop cookie recipe Not rated yet
I tried a drop cookie recipe to make dog treats. It came out fine. I want to get one of those silicone pans and make bone shapes cookies next. I saw that …

Christmas dog treat  Not rated yet
Hi. I made dog treat gifts for Christmas using the Magifrost icing and they were a big hit. Thank you for the information. My dogs and my friends dogs …

Fido Frosting where to buy wholesale in the uk Not rated yet
Can I get fido frosting in the uk

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Dog cookie cutters Not rated yet
I'm looking for cookie cutters that are shaped like dogs. I make dog biscuits for my rescue group. I already have the dog bone ones.

Homemade dog treats Not rated yet
If I'm making homemade dog treats, are there any ingredients that I should not put in the treats? I know I can't use chocolate, but is there anything else …

hardening frosting Not rated yet
Is the magifrost hardening frosting?

Fidos Frosting Info Not rated yet
What happened to the blue Fido's Frosting? I wanted to buy more but I can't find it.

Baby food dog treats Not rated yet
My friend told me to use baby food to make flavored dog treats. Do you have a recipe for this? Do people give baby food to their dogs?

Cheese dog treat recipe Not rated yet
I'm looking for an easy dog treat recipe that has real cheese in it. My dog loves cheese. Whenever I'm eating cheese, he begs for a piece. I want to make …

Dog themed birthday party Not rated yet
My 5 year old daughter loves dogs so we decided to make a dog themed party for her birthday. We used the silicone bone pan and made small little bone cookies. …

Decorative icing Not rated yet
Use colored sesame seeds as sprinkles in the dog treat icing for an all natural decoration. These banana biscotti dog treats were made by Kim from Wilmington, …

organic dog treat Not rated yet
Heather and family bake organic dog treats for Detroit Dog Rescue! No animal testing, kids used instead... Petey is celebrating his first birthday! …

Shelf life Not rated yet
Can you use ascorbic acid or another preservative to give the cream cheese a shelf life? Also I have used fido frosting what is the shelf life of …

Royal Icing for dog treats Not rated yet
Hello, I have all the items that I need to make my royal icing for my dog treats but I can't figure out the measurements of each ingredient. The ingredients …

Hardening of yogurt icing Not rated yet
How do you make plain yogurt harden for the dog cookies? Answer: Store yogurt that is found in the dairy case is not designed to harden. If you are …

Vitamin C for dog treats Not rated yet
Can you estimate the concentration of Vitamin C that would be added to a recipe (i.e. 0.25 tsp. per 2 lbs dough, etc...) for addition as a preservative? …

Melted Yogurt Icing Cracking Not rated yet
Hi, I use melted yogurt to decorate my dog treats and then I freeze them overnight. The yogurt works very well for the decorating, however it …

Dog Treat Icing Not rated yet
I'm trying to find a dog icing recipe that will harden and not mold... any ideas? Dog Treat Icing Expert: Magifrost dog treat icing from! …

Non Refrigerated Icing Not rated yet
I have a few cream cheese icing recipes for my dogs, but they all require refrigeration. Is there a dog friendly recipe that doesn't need to be refrigerated? …

Preserving dog treats Not rated yet
Hi I'm starting up a dog treat business and have been looking desperately for a way of preserving my biscuits and just stumbled on this site. I …

Icing best for dipping Not rated yet
Which is better, dog treat frosting or dog treat icing. Our youth group is making dipped biscuits for a local rescue group as a project. Dog Treat Icing …

How much Vitamin C to add to keep mold away... Not rated yet
Making dog treats for a girl scout project... How much Vitamin C should be added to each batch to help prevent molding? Dog Treat Icing Expert: Typically, …

Dog Treats Not rated yet
If a recipe for dog treats calls for milk, what can you replace milk with? Thanks This is hard to say without seeing the recipe. Are you trying to …

How to stop dog treats from molding Not rated yet
I am a new vendor for dog desserts and frosting - I have used dozens of different recipes to create the products I am selling. I recently found out …

Baking Soda in Dog Treats Not rated yet
If a recipe calls for some baking soda in the recipe is this ok? Louise Baking soda and baking powder are common elements when making baked goods …

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Whenever we receive a question, we post the answer so that everyone has the opportunity to learn. Every question is important. If you are thinking about it, chances are that at least 10 others are as well, but are not brave enough to write in!

Although we try to offer current and comprehensive information throughout the website, we may not have addressed a particular matter important to you. Please do not hesitate and contact us immediately if you need answers or advice!

Dog treats recipe question

Q: Can I buy a regular birthday cake from the store for my dog?

A: First of all, it is important to realize that a dog is not a human. The reason we make that statement is because it is necessary to communicate to dog owners that not all human food is appropriate for their pets. There are still people who are buying chocolate cakes to celebrate their dog's birthday! (Yikes!)

Dogs do not need the sweet, sugary flavors for their treats and cakes. They have a heightened sense of smell and certain flavors that we as humans might find repulsive, they will embrace with drooling and salivation in blockbuster proportion.

We offer dog treats recipe ideas throughout this site. The ingredients call for using human food. Dog treats are not merely a can of Alpo mixed into a biscuit mix as some people might think. But there are certain human foods that are toxic to dogs. Chocolate is one. If you want to make a "chocolate" dog cake, you can use carob to simulate the chocolate look. 

You can find products especially formulated for a dog's digestive system at

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