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Dog Treat Icing Mix

K9Cakery Dog Treat Icing Mix and Cake Mix Review

I was immediately attracted to the look and feel of the packaging. The retro theme is very cool. It suggests that the products are going to be easy to use. After all, the 1950's were all about simplicity. Not so complicated as our current technological world that changes daily!

I LOVE to bake, but my greatest weakness is neglecting to read the instructions beforehand and missing (or messing up) a step. To say the least, I was thrilled with how simple and foolproof the instructions were. There is no need for specialized equipment, mad scientist concoctions, or time synchronization!

The steps were straight forward, simple, and the whole process went by quickly, and (had I been a first timer on the baking scene) there were videos for more visual learners.

I used the dog cake and biscuit mix and was delighted to find out that the cake batter actually tasted good! It was not overwhelming in flavor and it baked to a pleasant, even texture.

After mixing the frosting, I admit I had to taste it. It was not yummy for humans (although it was easier to make than most human frostings) but there were no complaints or turned up noses from the dogs.

I shared the dog cupcakes with my dogs (Miniature Schnauzer, Rat Terrier, and Shih Tzu) as well as with my grandmother's dog (a Lab mix) and my boyfriend's dogs (Lab and Golden Retriever). They were an overwhelming hit! When the opportunity for seconds arose, it was madness. They were so eager to get a second bite! My boyfriend tasted the cake too...

My miniature schnauzer likes to pretend to be a picky eater despite his well-fed (chunky) appearance. When confronted with a dog treat no matter how ornate or fragrant, he gives it a shy sniff, and then either walks away or takes the treat to decide whether to hide its slobbered remains or eat it. This was not the case with the dog cupcakes!

Overall this cake mix for dogs is very appealing. It was impressive in that the ingredients were natural, and it gave me the option of controlling portions and limiting the amount of preservatives I give my dogs. It also has a fun package, simple instructions, and a list of ingredients that can be added to create various flavored cupcakes and treats.

I look forward to buying more products from K9Cakery, and will encourage my dog-pampering friends to do the same.

Dog treat icing mix

Icing hardens when it dries.

Dog cake icing mix

Hardens when it dries.

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