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Dog Treat Icing Decorations

Creative dog treat icing decorations to show you what can be done! But don't be intimidated. Marla, the creator of these dog treats, is a very talented and skilled decorator.

Your dog treats will be just as creative if you use the right dog treat icing for decorating.

Dog treat icing decorations with dog treat icing

dog treat icing decorations

Popcorn anyone?

Marla created this display to resemble a box of popcorn. She decorated little dog treats to look like pieces of popcorn, coloring them with white and yellow dog treat icing.

We recommend Magifrost made by Fidos Frosting brnad. It will dry hard and you can stack the treats without worry that the icing will fall off.

These dog treats look like the real thing! You can create all kinds of original treats - just use your imagination.

Make dog cookies and cookies for the kids to celebrate returning to school - the kids will enjoy going back to school with gorgeous treats like these. And when the dog is "sharing" the day, it makes it more "acceptable."

Magifrost will dry shiny and glossy.

If you plan to exhibit your dog treats at a farmers market, you need something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Shiny, glossy decorations will catch the eye of your customers.

From a distance, this looks like a board of cheese pieces. Take a close look and you see that these are actually dog  biscuits! Marla used Fido's Frosting brand dog treat icing and colored the biscuits to look like cheddar cubes and swiss cheese cubes. 

The "crackers" are also dog biscuits colored to look like crackers.

Use an eye catching display such as this one and your farmers market booth will be crowded as customers talk you up! Marla did not just place her treats on a plate, she created an original display.

Breakfast for dogs! This display is guaranteed to make a passer-by do a double-take! Using a real skillet and a real hot plate, Marla made biscuits that look like pancakes and eggs on toast. The little detail of the butter pat on the pancakes takes the pancake, so to speak.

These are just some creative ideas to get your imagination going.

Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd and try something different.

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