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Dog Themed Cookie Cutters

Use dog themed cookie cutters to make special dog treats for fundraisers. We show you various designs from which to choose!

Dog themed cookie cutters for medium and small dog biscuits

dog themed cookie cutters

This economical package gives you five mini cutters which are the perfect size to create small treats for small mouths. In this package you get the following designs:

  • fire hydrant - 1.75"
  • dog - 2"
  • dog house - 1.5"
  • dog bone - 1.5"
  • dog paw shape - 1.5"
tiny dog themed cookie cutters
tiny dog themed cookie cutters

If you want to make even smaller treats, this cookie -set offers teacup size cutters. The set includes 12 various shapes, each 1/2 inch in size. It includes its own metal storage container as shown in the image above. The image on the right depicts the cutters inside the container.

Dog bone cookie cutters

Dog bone cookie cutters

Use this set of six different sized dog bone cookie cutters to make a display of dog bone shaped treats. The cutters range in size from 1.5" to 5.5" giving an opportunity to create treats for small, medium and large pets. The cutters are made of metal.

Dog treat cookie cutters to make  medium to large size pet treats

7 dog themed cookie cutters

This 7 piece dog treat cookie cutter set offers cutter sizes to make both small and larger pet treats. It includes the following cutter designs and sizes:

  • Dog bone cookie cutters in three sizes - 1.5", 3", and 4.5"
  • Fire hydrant cutters in two sizes - 3" and 1.75"
  • One paw shaped cookie cutter 3"
  • Added bonus - 3 dog treat recipes are included with the set
dog treat cookie cutters

This unique cookie cutter set offers the letter K and the number 9 so that you can make "K9" cookies! It includes 7 pieces:

  • Letter K - 3"
  • Number 9 - 3"
  • Heart - 1.5"
  • 4 dog bone cookie cutters to make dog bone shape dog treats for every size dog - 4.5", 3.25", 2". 1.5"
  • Added bonus: two dog treat recipes
dog cookie cutters

If you love dogs, try this set of dog themed cookie cutters! It includes the following:

  • 9 different breeds of dogs - you can see the "wiener dog" at the top right
  • Dog house cookie cutter - small size
  • Dog bone cutter - small size
  • Fire hydrant shape

As a treat for larger dogs, make them their own edible squirrel! This is one critter you won't mind that they catch. Squirrel shaped dog biscuits are bound to be a conversation piece. This cutter is 3" in size.

Linzer dog cookie cutters

This set of Linzer cookie cutters makes a wonderful gift for a dog loving friend who enjoys baking and decorating. Linzer cookie cutters have cut outs in various shapes. This set includes 6 shapes: dog, fire hydrant, bone, dog house, puppy, paw. It also includes a dog treat recipe.

For free dog treat recipes to try your cookie cutters out, click the link.

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