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Dog Birthday Cake

dog birthday cake with Fido's Frosting

Show off your creative baking talents with an original design for a dog birthday cake!

The first thing to think about: what shape would you like the cake to have?

You have an array of choices.

Novelty dog cake pans come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. You do not have to bake plain old square, rectangular or round dog cakes.

The dog cake featured in the photo above was made using a large cake pan like the silicone dog bone shaped pan shown here.

Silicone pans are versatile, hold their shape, do not scratch and are easy to clean.

How do I figure out my dog's birthday?

What? Your dog isn't telling you his or her birthday?

Here are real answers we received when we asked people how they found out the date (when the dog didn't want to reveal his age)...

  • "All dogs have birthdays on the first of the month, so just pick a month."
  • "I use April 1st because my dog acts foolish."
  • "My dog and I celebrate our birthday's on the same day!" 
  • "August doesn't have much going on for holidays so I gave my dog an August birthday. It makes a great reason to have a party."

Don't worry. Your dog won't debate you about the date!

Some children like to celebrate their pet's birthday on the same day as their own. This idea works if the child is not jealous of the pet, as some may be. Just make sure the child gets to be older.

Dog party time

People who love their dogs love to talk about them. If your friends have well-behaved dogs, throw a dog birthday party and invite owners and dogs. You may want to hold it in a park, unless you have a backyard large enough.

Just be careful with the food items. Some dogs are territorial when it comes to food.

Small dog biscuits or dog cookies are good to have on hand. Or just send each guest home with a doggie bag. Make mini paw print dog biscuits for something other than dog bone shapes.

Dog birthday cake recipes

You will encounter skeptics who have never heard of a cake for a dog. Can you believe it!

Take the opportunity to educate them. Offer them a piece of dog cake to try. (It helps to also offer a glass of champagne with the cake. After all, it is for a celebration.) Let them see that it is not made from Alpo (which is what they are secretly thinking.)

You are using human grade ingredients, and overall, it is probably healthier than the human cake they would choose for themselves. Dog cake mixes from can be used to make a cake for dogs and humans alike.

Click here for a fun dog birthday cake recipe.

Host a dog birthday party

Questions about dog treat icing or dog treat frosting? Click: ASK OUR EXPERT

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