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Candy Melts - Why You Should Use Magifrost Instead

Candy melts used to be the most available choice to make dog treat icing that appeared to harden on the dog treats.

yogurt chipsCandy melts or yogurt chips

These little chips are also known as "yogurt chips". They are hard to find because their use has diminished in popularity as people demand healthier options for consumption.

The chips are mostly comprised of fat and sugar. In order to use them, they have to be heated, typically in a double boiler. The chips will melt into a sauce-like form which is spread over a cake or cookies, or treats are dipped into the melted mixture.

When the mixture cools, it appears to "harden".

Candy melts and yogurt chip secret # 1

The main ingredients are sugar and fat. There may be yogurt in the chips which allows the manufacturer to sell them as such. Check the list of ingredients. Chances are very good that "yogurt" will be at the end of the list.

By selling the candy chips as "yogurt chips", buyers are falsely swayed into thinking that they are purchasing a healthy product. Buyer beware.

Candy melts and yogurt chip secret # 2

The candy chip mixture appears to harden when it cools. This is not really the case. What is actually happening is that the fat is solidifying at room temperature. When a dog bites into the treat, thus introducing moisture, the fat begins to mix with the moisture and creates a gooey mess that can get all over your carpets and the dog's fur.

The next time you go into a pet store, browse through the decorated treats. Any treats with icing sticking to the plastic wrapping are likely decorated with melting chips that have melted due to being shipped in a warm truck or stored in a warm room. Remember, the chips have to be heated to melt for use. So it follows that they would melt in a warm environment.

Magifrost dog treat icing saves the day!

Magifrost created a dog treat icing specially formulated to harden and not melt in the heat. No longer do you need to worry that the dog will get gooey icing on his fur, all over your carpets (and if it's colored, could leave a stain), or stick to packaging.

This dog treat icing is dairy-free. Although yogurt is a healthy food, and health-conscious individuals enjoy it, dogs are carnivores and many are lactose-intolerant. Their diet is not meant to mimic those of their owners.

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