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Business Labels For Dog Treat Business

Business labels are an important asset for your new dog business.

Start-up businesses often don't have the capital to create fancy packaging and designs. And frequently, they are still testing logos and type fonts to find the best look and feel that characterizes their company and what it has to offer.

To keep costs at a minimum, businesses will start out with labels on blank packaging until they are ready to invest money into more professional printed packages.

Labels are also useful to place on boxes or packages that you ship to customers.

You can print labels on your computer and in many cases, they work well, but if you could get professional labels at the same cost as your homemade labels (after you pay for the blank labels and the ink), wouldn't that be a better choice?  

Look for the following benefits when researching a label making company:

  • No plate charges
  • No die charges
  • Cut any shape you desire
  • 4-color process printing - get any color under the rainbow
  • Durable UV inks
  • Near photographic quality
  • Wide variety of materials
  • Short runs possible for low quantities

Here's an example of the K9Cakery logo:

Dog treat business labels

As you can see it is not an even square or rectangle shape. Label companies or a quick printing shop usually charge an extra plate or die charge for custom shapes and multiple colors.

Whether you want one, two, or thousands of colors, the price will be the same.

Many of the members in the Facebook group "Homemade Dog Treats" are starting up new dog treat businesses. Join the group to network with members to find out where they get their labels printed. Or, ask questions about labels. This is the best source for up-to-date information as these businesses are just starting out and will have done the initial legwork that you would have to do anyway.

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