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Important Safety Tips When Buying Dog Treats
November 20, 2013

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Safety Tips

With the recent news stories about dogs dying after eating dog jerky treats made in China and other issues with food borne illnesses, we thought it was important to remind you of some basic safety tips you should consider when purchasing products to be fed to dogs.

1) Look for products made from ingredients sourced only from the USA.

2) Buy all natural or organic when possible.

3) Although human grade ingredients are not required for pets, this type of product provides an extra level of assurance that the ingredients are safe for your dog.

4) The safest and best products will be manufactured and packaged in an FDA approved and inspected facility.

5) Legitimate products will have a complete ingredients list, a proper guaranteed analysis statement, and a bar code on the package. If a product is missing any of these, beware.

6) Legitimate and legal products are licensed in the state from where they are sold.

Unfortunately, there is frequent mislabeling (intentional or not) on many pet products. If you are unsure about a product, just check for these guidelines and be sure to ask questions.

Fido's Frosting and K9Cakery made products meet all of these strict standards.

All of the folks at K9Cakery wish you happy and safe baking!

Dog Treat Icing Q&A

Q: When I use yogurt coating chips, my dog treats dry completely quickly. Why does the Fido's Frosting take longer to dry?

A: Fido's Frosting will dry completely and will NEVER MELT. (And if a dog drops it on the carpet, it will not stain.)

BUT - the candy chips may look like the icing has dried. In reality, what has happened is the fat in the chips simply reconstituted to a solid form at room temperature. And if a dog chews the biscuit with yogurt chip icing, and drops it on the carpet, it will leave a gooey mess and may stain.

Powdered colorings are highly recommended for use with Fido's because colored glycerin based gels may cause some "tackiness". That's because one of the functions of glycerin is to make the icing "look wet" so actually you achieve what glycerin is meant to do when you use it. If you use glycerin gels, you may have to let the treats sit out and dry a little bit longer before packaging or stacking, but they will dry COMPLETELY.

Dog Quote

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