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Dog Treat Recipes And More, Issue #001 -- Important Updates
August 20, 2013

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In this first issue:

* Updates
* Dog Treat Recipes and Q&A
* Dog Humor


1) Fido's Frosting and Fido's Royal Icing for Dogs are back in stock! We had sold out, but supplies are replenished and ready to go.

2) K9Katie's Natural, Sugar Free, Cake and Biscuit Mix is available. Full instructions to create dog cakes or dog treats with flavoring suggestions provided.

Dog Treat Recipes and Q&A

1. Cannolis for Dogs

Icing is not just for cake decorating! This recipe for cannolis for dogs uses Fido's Royal Icing to make a dog treat that looks just like the Italian dessert.

Quick and easy recipe for Cannoli dog treats

2. Preserving dog treats

Q: I intend on making a cheese shortbread and a meaty biscuit and was wondering how to give them the longest possible shelf life. I tried dehydrating them in the oven but they didn't taste very nice when they came out. I am now looking at preservatives and am at a loss as what to use. I've heard of ascorbic acid and vitamin E but had no idea what quantity of each to put in. How much of each should go in for each cup of mixture? Would normal vitamin C powder and vitamin E oil be sufficient? I have also heard of rosemary extract, is that usually more effective than vitamin E? And if so how much of that should I use?

A: Click here for the answer about dog treat preservatives.

Dog Humor

Click the link to see a popular funny cartoon shared frequently by dog treat bakers!

Pinterest Dog Humor

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